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Geoscience Modelling Fueled by AI

A new paradigm for rapid, automatic, and centralized mineral deposit modelling

The Heart of DRIVER

DRIVER builds pipelines that leverage machine learning to automate and accelerate 3D block estimation and interpretation. But it’s not a black box… our users follow a familiar modelling workflow that is auditable, editable, and transparent, and accessible to all from a centralized web platform.

Our algorithms are designed to perform where they matter the most: quantifying the 3D spatial variably of the deposit and extracting anomalous features and patterns.

DRIVER is changing the game, allowing users to model anything, anytime, and in a matter of minutes.






Axora ran a panel review of the DRIVER solution alongside a range of innovative technologies, and DRIVER was the outright winner for cost saving impact. Our judges were impressed with the simplicity of use, power of insights and quite simply the direct cost savings attributable to optimising drilling.  Even saving one unnecessary drill hole provides a compelling ROI for this world class innovative solution.

Nick Mayhew, Chief Commercial Officer

Jaguar Mining

In DRIVER, we can produce 3D model realizations of all aspects of our drilling datasets in virtual real-time, bringing us unheard-of benefits for dynamic drill targeting and comprehensive geological deposit understanding. DRIVER is helping our geologists identify important geochemical zones in 3D, and then interactively test the relationships between those zones to help guide our decisions in the field.

Jon Hill, Vice-President of Exploration

Freeport Resources

We found the DRIVER system to be very useful to our understanding of the (Star Mountains) project. DRIVER validated our geologists’ interpretation of the deposit zonation and gave indication of mineral potential beyond known resources on our properties and confirmed it in a fraction of the time. The synthesis of independent methodologies was a valuable contribution to the project and gave us confidence about the results.

Gord Friesen, President, CEO & Director

Triumph Gold

DRIVER is like a silver bullet for exploration targeting. We saved hundreds of thousands of dollars using DRIVER to identify and verify a large number of exploration targets, giving us absolute confidence in our upcoming drill program.

John Anderson, Interim CEO, Chairman of the Board & Director

DRIVER Case Study:

Lone Star Gold Deposit

A DRIVER study was undertaken on data from the Lone Star zone.

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