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DRIVER Knowledge Base


Our knowledge base is full of tutorials, how-to’s, and deep dives into DRIVER functionality and use cases.

Featured Tutorials

Get the most out of DRIVER by learning the basics, then discover how to accomplish advanced analytical and modelling techniques.

1: Getting Started with DRIVER

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a (personal) Minerva Intelligence account, activate/link it to your institution’s DRIVER license and log into DRIVER. You will also learn how to create new projects and access existing projects for your institution.

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Feature Highlights

A collection of articles that highlight different tools and features of DRIVER.

Block models

This feature highlight will demonstrate how to use the Create grid widget to create block models in DRIVER.

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Domains in DRIVER

This feature highlight demonstrates how to use geological domains within the DRIVER analysis workflow. We will cover uploading and creating...

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